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Latin transliteration of Cyrillic text

There are two ways of transliterating Cyrillic text:

  • 1. The first is not to replace characters but glyphs. You need a special font that has Cyrillic character encoding but maps Cyrillic characters to transliterated glyphs. The following fonts allow transliteration of cyrillic text written in codepage 1251 by simply changing font: (Attention: these fonts don't work in Word 97! See second way instead.)

    XSerif Trans Rus-DIN for transliteration of Russian according to German DIN 1460, contains also transliteration of Old Russian letters from "XSerif Old Russian" font (see German Seite für Altslavisch)

    XSerif Trans Rus-LC  for transliteration of Russian according to American Library of Congress standard, contains also transliteration of Old Russian letters. (This font shows all characters as in  transliteration table of Princeton University since LC has not published tables on the Web.)

    XSerif Trans UA-DIN for transliteration of Ukrainian according to DIN 1460
    (Information on XSerif fonts)

    2. The second way is to replace Cyrillic characters by Latin ones. You need a converter program for text files or macros for your text processor.
    There are such macros for Word for Windows 6.0 and 7.0 (for German and English transliteration of Russian) in at FUNET.

    New : Improved transliteration macro also available for Word 97:
    Transliteration systems can be easily defined.

    • (Word 97 document with macros for transliteration).

    Extract the two files from zip file to any directory, open "Setup.doc" in Word 97 and then you can read further instructions. Attention: When opening the document a warning will appear that suggests to deactivate macros because macros may contain viruses. But you have to activate the macros in order to make use of them!

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