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Kirillica Nova Unicode - TrueType Font for Old Church Slavonic


Kirillica Nova Unicode is the attempt to create a font for Old Church Slavonic in true UNICODEncoding. It is freeware, still under development and comes with absolutely no warranty!

Current version: 0.44 (20 Nov 1999)
Changes since version 0.43: Ascender and descender values corrected

The font was created on Manfred Albracht's "TypeDesigner" ( The encoding was altered to UNICODE using Richard J. Kinch's "ttf_edit" (

The current version does not include TrueTypeOpen tables for proper character-to-glyph mapping of accented characters. Therefore, some precomposed combined glyphs are mapped to characters in the "private use area" of UNICODE.

A future version will contain TrueTypeOpen instructions for rendering combined glyphs.

Kirillica Nova Unicode

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